21. Going Forward: Features to Look Forward To

The following is a list of major features that are planned for version 1.0:

  1. Triggers. Allow Gort to execute existing bundled commands in response to non-command chat input. (Priority: very high)

  2. Dynamic command configuration. Allow dynamic values like tokens and passwords to be securely passed to commands at runtime. (Priority: very high)

  3. Custom webhooks. Expose custom (auth-gated) RESTful endpoints that can be used to execute existing bundled commands. (Priority: high)

  4. Easing Rule and Permission Design. Addition of a command-line rule tester. (Priority: high)

  5. Two-factor authentication. Add support for two-factor authentication. (Priority: high)

  6. Dual authorization. Add support for dual (two-person) authorization. (Priority: high)

  7. Simplifying audit log access. Create a `gort logs command <https://github.com/getgort/gort/issues/156>`__. (Priority: medium-high)

  8. Internal key/value store. Allow commands access to an internally-scoped key/value store to maintain state, a little like HTTP cookies. (Priority: medium)

  9. Support for other chat platforms. Microsoft Teams first, others TBD (Priority: medium-low)

Have any other ideas? We want to hear them!